If you can design one thing, you can design everything.

massimo vignelli

This Massimo quote is a favourite of mine from design school, and it’s something that has always stuck in my mind. As designers we’re equipped with creative minds that are capable of seeing things differently, thinking outside of the box, and translating that into a dynamic layout, a memorable image, or a striking building. Each form of design brings it’s own challenges and has it’s own learning curves, but with a creative mind at the forefront, all are possible.

With my focus shifting from graphic design, and that thought still in mind, I don’t limit myself to one type of photography. I have worked professionally in food, lifestyle, and pet photography, and you’ll always find me out shooting landscapes. Each have very different skills needed to take that perfect shot, and it’s the challenges I face, whether it be styling a dish, capturing a candid moment between two people, or freezing the perfect frame of a racing dog, that push me to realize that if I’m always bringing my creative mind to the table then the following is true. If you can photograph one thing, you can photograph everything.

Back in the spring of 2015, I left the UK in search of new inspiration and a change of scenery. I landed in Vancouver, BC, a place I now proudly call home. The mountains and the wild are what I fell in love with, I’ve always found them grounding and meditative, and the place where I feel more myself than anywhere else. The ever changing landscape has me awe with every turn of every road, it challenges me and pushes me to try new photography techniques and tools, but also to see and think with a new perspective.

I work exclusively with natural light, and edit not to manipulate or fake, but to highlight and showcase the natural beauty of the moment. It’s important to me to be honest with my work, and to let the subject shine and be the true focus.

If my vision speaks to you, speak to me! Let’s work together and capture moments to remember and inspire.

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